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5 Tips for your Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom may seem like the last place you expect to show your personal taste and style, but it shouldn’t be. The bathroom is an important decision that requires careful consideration. In this article you will get some helpful tips for adequately renovating your bathroom. You need to spend time exploring options for bathroom renovations. With all the trimmings & accessories in the market, you can easily make the bathroom a beautiful place to be. For starters, you can start with an effortless and inexpensive decoration for the sink, shower, toilet and bathroom floors. Today, there are numerous different colors you can choose to coordinate your bathroom renovations, so use your imagination to come up with a striking design. The sophisticated preparation and comparison of the different rates of bathroom accessories would ensure that the bathroom fully meets your needs and fits into your financial plan. Also, take into account factors such as the color, design, and accessories proceeding to implement the plan. Do not overlook also the external aspects, including the design of the residence, the weather and temperature.
We offer you five ideas for your Ottawa bathroom renovations:

Modify shower curtain. The bathtub is the most important part of the bathroom and anything you do is going to change the style. One option is to change the shower curtain. Today, there are a variety of shower curtains to choose from, with different textures and colors. Then there is the option to change your curtain by a partition. A wide range of models and materials are available: glass and translucent polycarbonate (cheaper). The screens can be sliding or opening hinged door.

Paint or renew the furniture. Painting and renovating the furniture inside the bathroom is a good way to change the atmosphere. If wood is your preference, you can paint them with a dim shade. You can also substitute the front doors or drawers for etched glass, or lacquered with a light-colored white or cream and renew the handles of the drawers. It is also a great idea to put up shelves and paint them according to your taste to make the bathroom more comfortable.

Hang a cabinet on the wall. When decorating the bathroom, cupboards or shelves are indispensable. An option is to set up an elevated cabinet next to the mirror. Also, small shelves can be placed on the sanitary sector of the bathtub or against the mirror, which can be used to decorate or maintain ordered bath. There are a variety of designs in wood, steel, plastics and natural fibers.

Renew the mirror with a decorative frame. Changing the mirror for another different design often becomes an important element. If you have an undersized mirror, you can modify the casing. If it is a newly fashioned mirror, you can make use of a metal frame, or directly change the one beveled mirror. If the bathroom is classic, you have to choose a frame made of the same wood furniture which dramatically enhances the appearance.

Renew the lining of the walls. This doesn’t mean breaking tiles or undertaking to put the work everywhere, instead do some tinkering for your bathroom renovations. If you have marble walls or tiles to half wall, you can change the look of your bathroom simply by papering or changing the color of the top.

Kitchen Renovation Tips

The key to a successful kitchen renovation in Ottawa is in planning, whether your home is old or new. Any improvement in the kitchen should be planned so that all potential issues are considered before they arise. If you are planning to renovate your kitchen, there are some basic steps you need to consider. Of course, the very first step is to decide on your goals for the kitchen. What remodeling do you want to see in your kitchen? At this early stage, you’ll want to do some research about what kind of materials to use for your countertops, what kind of wood you want for your cabinets, how light or dark should they be? What about the floor? You also have to consider the devices that needs to be replaced, how you want the room painted, lighting and any major changes in the design of your kitchen.

Another thing you have to consider which is the most essential one is your budget. How much do you intend to spend? Do you want to grab a home equity loan for remodeling or did you already set aside money for this project? Now, you will have to begin to outline their ideas. When you decide to take on something new with your kitchen renovation ideas, you should do it suitably. You need to stay away from the common pitfalls to get the job done as planned and to avoid regretting in the future. Often the most misleading mistake in kitchen overhauling is the idea of following new trends we see in most magazines, TV commercials, etc.  For instance, the classy sink you saw in Oprah’s kitchen might look attractively beautiful on TV, but in reality it may not look that great in your kitchen. Your kitchen will end up like a tragedy if things don’t match up. So choose a classic approach that best suits your personality and lifestyle.

Once everything is set, let the work begin! Always remember that Ottawa kitchen renovationsinvolve a lot of effort, time, and money. To make sure all of these won’t come to waste, plan up to the last detail. The most crucial part is to view your kitchen in small components because you have to put on top of your list the areas which need to be furnished first. Renovating your kitchen means you need to change some designs and arrangements. Because of these, you need to seek advice from the experts. The thought of hiring a professional is indeed a stressful thing but in the long run it will all be worth it. Wouldn’t it be extra expensive to fix something that you’ve done wrong?

Kitchen renovation projects are multifaceted procedures which involve the right decisions, various selections to choose from, and the right Ottawa kitchen renovation team. Now that everything is all set up, what are you waiting for? Apply all those tips and ideas I taught you and start making your dream kitchen come true!

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5 Reasons to Renovate Your Bathroom

There are many reasons why you may consider remodeling your bathroom. For most of us this is where your morning starts and is even a sanctuary at the end of a busy day. Your dream bathroom can breathe new breath in your homes life and create a modern, peaceful place for you to relax as well as groom and can significantly increase the value of your home.

When many people look to purchase a home they put a big emphasis on kitchens and bathrooms. While it is true that a kitchen will add a tremendous value to your home, the costs are also quite a bit higher than other home renovations such as a bathroom upgrade.

There are several ways that you can remodel your bathroom – some are simple while others require a complete overhaul. You may want to start with new cabinets and countertops and then have your shower or tub redone. Of course many people prefer to just tear everything down to the studs and start renovating the bathroom from scratch. In some cases, this can actually prove to be less expensive and time consuming over the long run instead of making minor improvements over the span of a year or two.

Whatever your dream bathroom renovation is, here are the top 5 reasons you should strongly consider renovating your bathroom:

1) Increase the value of your home

2) Repair and fix any existing problems

3) Create more storage space and organization

4) Create your own personal oasis and escape with your dream bathroom

5) Bring your bathroom into present day with a modern bathroom design

We can help you with the entire bathroom remodeling process from bathroom design to the final product! Give us a call today to discuss your bathroom upgrade project.

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Top 5 reasons to do home renovations in the summer

As a homeowner you may be hesitant to schedule any home renovations for the summer. This may be because you don’t want your house to turn into a construction zone while your little ones are out of school or that you don’t want your vacation time with the family impacted by your home renovations.

If you are hesitant to start renovations during the summer months, you should consider the following points that will make you feel much better about the renovation process and realize why summer time is a perfect time for your home renovations:


    1. You will save money on your home renovations in the summer because many contractors will cut you a deal if they are in need of work. Take advantage of the fact that many home owners are hesitant to do renos during the summer months and get yourself a bargain!


    1. Contractors usually charge for the amount of time they are on a job. If weather related delays such as rain or snow are more likely, your project costs will increase. It is much easier for contractors to work in better weather and your home remodeling and renovations will go on without any delays! Also if your home renovation requires digging and the ground is frozen, you will definitely pay more for your construction project because there is more labour involved in the work. Furthermore, some home renovations are just done better in warmer weather. For example, paving or repaving a driveway in the summer months will result in a higher quality of work


    1. If your considering renovating your kitchen, choose the summer months if possible. If your kitchen is “out of order” you will have to make other arrangements for family meals during the kitchen upgrade. Many home owners end up eating at restaurants during their kitchen renovations and those restaurant bills can add up pretty fast! If your kitchen renovation is taking place in the summer months you can grill your food outside on the BBQ and save a lot of money by cooking your own food at home.


    1. Get some sun! Most major renovations will expose your home to the outdoor elements. While your home renovations are being completed it will be much better for your home (and your personal comfort) if the outside weather isn’t freezing cold! You are much better off to have your home filled with sunshine rather than snowflakes. On this note, it is important to also plan these types of home renovations for months after the spring showers to avoid your home getting drenched in rain water.


  1. Prepare your home for the fall selling season. Although this particular season isn’t as hot on the real estate market as the springtime, this is still a great opportunity for you to sell your home (if that’s in your plans). If you are able to complete all of your renovations during the summer months then you will be able to have your home ready for sale with all of your great upgrades and a higher sticker price value just in time for the fall home selling season.


So we hope that you understand the benefits of home renovating in the summer time and will now be able to recognize the opportunities available by doing home renos in the summer instead of waiting until your window of opportunity passes.

Give us a call to discuss your home renovation project – we’re here to help from start to finish.

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Top 10 Renovations to Boost Your Home’s Value

Every homeowner is looking for ways to boost the value of their home – especially if they are planning on selling. You may find yourself in this very same situation; searching for ways to increase your home’s value through some upgrades and renovations that will have home buyers starting a bidding war for your Ottawa property.

Luckily we have put together a list of the top 10 home renovations that you can do to upgrade your home and increase the value when it’s time to sell!

#10 – A fresh coat of paint to the exterior will definitely help raise curb appeal. We recommend keeping it fresh, simple, with warm earthy colours that will appeal to all home buyers.

Note: avoid drastic and bold colours that are likely only going to be your personal favourite!

#9 – Installing vinyl siding will definitely spruce up your home’s exterior and is very affordable. Plus there are many colours and styles to choose from so your options are open.

Note: When having work done to your home’s exterior it is the perfect time to have your contractor put in some spray foam insulation as this will make your home more energy efficient during the cold winter months in Ottawa.

#8 – Add new aluminium soffit and fascia to the mix – it’s an inexpensive upgrade that is sure to stand out and there are many aluminium products that come in a variety of colours and never require painting.

Note: While you can likely get away with doing this yourself, part of raising your home’s value is more than just a home buyer’s perception – it is also about what you can show you have invested and this is where a contractor comes in handy because the potential buyer can rest assured knowing that it was done properly and likely comes with a workmanship warranty.

#7 – Landscape to create a beautiful oasis that is visually appealing and a sign of a caring homeowner, which goes a long way to reassuring potential buyers.

Note: Keep the landscaping simple and modern. Keep in mind that this is one of the areas that can really increase the value of your home so don’t hold back!

#6 – Have your contractor build a deck or patio to increase the functional area of your home as well as give potential buyers the visual of hosting gatherings with their friends and family in their new home.

Note: It is a good idea to have your contractor recommend good materials that will provide a longer life for the deck and also increase the home value that much more because the new buyers will have peace of mind knowing that the deck is solid and will not need replacing anytime soon.

#5 – Don’t forget about your basement! While this may be an area that many home buyers don’t put at the top of their list, you can be sure that when they enter an unfinished basement they start to think about how much work it will take to complete the basement. You don’t have to go overboard here as simply finishing the walls and ceiling and leaving the space empty can actually play more in your favour. Plus if there isn’t much in your basement it will be relatively easy for contractors to move around and put in the finishing pieces.

#4 – Replace your home’s windows and doors to make your home more energy efficient, modern, and provide a new, fresh look to both the exterior and interior of your home.

Note: Make sure measurements are done by yourself and the contractor of the windows/doors. This cannot be stressed enough.

#3 – Renovate your bathroom to create that perfect oasis for potential home buyers. Plus you will get to enjoy the relaxation time until you sell. Bathrooms are usually at the top of most home buyers list so pay close attention to these rooms in your home upgrading. You can do a lot in a bathroom that is very affordable, especially when compared to other types of renovations – that is if you plan it right and keep the upgrade simplified yet elegant and modern.

#2 – Change your kitchen countertops. Your cabinets may be okay but you will likely need to replace your countertops. When most people think of countertops they think of granite. While granite is nice it is also costly and will not increase the value of your home that much more than some of the significantly less costly options – which still look incredible. Do yourself a favour and throw your preconceived notions of countertops and granite out the window and ask your contractor for advice on alternative options. You’ll be amazed at many of the affordable alternatives to granite that are stunning and easy on your wallet.

#1 – Replace your kitchen cabinets. This is a biggie as most stats out there today regarding increasing home sales and home buyer opinions on most desired upgrades state that this is one of the best areas you can improve to add value to your home. Depending on your home renovations budget, you have a plethora of options available for you to choose from although it is important to remember that you are trying to sell your home at some point and should try and settle on something that is going to be appealing to most home buyers while providing the boost to your home’s value.

We wish you good luck with your home sale and recommend that you give us a call to discuss your home renovations projects and home upgrades. We have a tremendous amount of knowledge on all things to do with home renovations and remodelling and we have the team to make your dreams come true.

Winterize Your Home

Winter is fast approaching with icy winds and frigid temperatures in Ottawa. For many of us in Ottawa that means higher utility bills that can put a serious dent in your wallet.

Fortunately, by taking a few simple steps before winter officially hits, you can create a more energy efficient home that will save you money and be more environmentally friendly for the environment. It’s time to winterize your home in Ottawa!

Seal any leaks where energy can escape

You can easily retain heat and reduce your energy costs this winter by installing proper weather-stripping and caulking around your house to ensure that energy can’t escape through leaks in your home.

According to Ottawa Hydro, nearly 40% of your home’s heat loss in winter is due to air leakage through the cracks and leaks in the average Ottawa home. Essentially this equates to having a hole in your home’s wall the size of a basketball. This can take its toll on your pocket with increasing heating costs.

After  you have properly sealed your home’s windows and doors you can start to plug some leaks that are less obvious to find. You can easily locate hidden drafts and leaks by holding a lit stick of incense around your baseboards, light fixtures, and electrical outlets. Stronger air leaks will cause the incense stick to glow brighter and push the smoke away while the smaller ones will merely puff the incense smoke in a particular direction.

Get a programmable thermostat to regulate your home heating

It is wasteful and more costly to heat an empty house. This is why you should take advantage of a programmable thermostat to heat your home during periods of the day when you will actually be home.

The David Suzuki Foundation recommends automatically lowering your household temperature while you are away at work or sleeping (just use more/better blankets) and increase the heat in your home when you wake or arrive home from work.

Renovation Planning & Design

Your bathroom is one of the most important places in the whole of your house. Its look and feel has a great deal to do with setting the tempo and mood of your day. The bathroom is usually the first place you visit when you first wake up in the morning; it is therefore necessary that you feel good about bathing showering and going through the other motions of your daily routine. Bathroom renovations Ottawa can help you construct the bathroom of your dreams.
Building a new bathroom need not be over burdensome. If the right planning and procurement is done, you can reform and refashion your bathroom in a way that is amenable to your daily routine and congenial to your tastes and temperament. The best way to go about doing this is to work with a company that specializes in doing bathroom renovations. Such a company can provide you both the materials and advice that you need to design, develop, and put together the bathroom innovations that you may have in mind.

The kitchen is another important part of your home. On any given day you will probably spend a great deal of time in your kitchen, preparing meals, dining with your family, or washing dishes. Having the space and surfaces that you need to properly maneuver and organize meals is vital to being able to use your kitchen in a way that is efficient and comfortable. The idea of redesigning and renovating your kitchen may be one that you have held for years. The cost and practicalities of doing so may be the only things holding you back. However, it is not necessary for you to be intimidated or put off because you think that such a renovation is too difficult to actually implement.

Kitchen renovations Ottawa can be attained by working with renovations experts who have the knowledge and skill to guide you through the process of rebuilding and refashioning your kitchen. No one knows the kind of kitchen you want better than you. That is why working with renovation specialist who can help you bring your idea to reality is vital if it is to be done well and correctly—that is, according to your specifications.

To be sure, it is important to understand that not all vendors that do kitchen and bathroom renovations deliver the same quality of services. Finding the ones that do is vital to ensuring that you get the value and rates that will best meet your needs and expectations. The best means of finding such vendors is to begin a search on the worldwide web. Using the web will enable you to bring all of the sites that do renovations to your computer screen. There in the comfort of your own home you will be able to search through the various websites and discover for yourself what each company has to offer. This will enable you to make an informed decision about which firm you should work with in renovating and transforming your home.

How to Survive a Home Renovation

Planning to get your home renovated? Be it a small renovation, or a renovation of a large scale, be ready to sweat it out. It surely is a great feeling to think and imagine the dream living space you always wanted to be in, but it certainly is a task to get it made.
A renovation of your house would involve different phases. First comes the designing phase. It would be an exciting time, while you are in this phase, where you would just lay down a wish list and plan how to execute that. Then comes the planning phase, where you would decide on the execution of your design, which includes contacting the contractor, choosing the materials that are to be used, etc. In the queue, would be the phase in which you have to keep a constant watch to ensure the quality of execution. Finally, you would reach the stage wherein you will see the results of all the hard work you have put in.
So here is a comprehensive list of things that you must consider when you plan a renovation of your house;

      1.    Choose a trustworthy contractor. Look at their customer feedback, BBB rating, etc. talk to them openly about your plans and judge, how well they understand you
      2.    Next, refer to     people who have recently got renovations done; refer to magazines, websites, etc. Decide what exactly you want to get done, like the design, the color of the wall, the tiles, etc
      3.    Relax! Getting the home renovated isn’t easy, understandable, but keep your calm. Think of the end result and motivate yourself. Make sure that things move as quickly as possible
      4.    Renovations are messy indeed. Give strict instructions or lay fair expectations with your contractor that the premises must be cleaned and dusted everyday
      5.    While the renovation is under process, you will certainly not have a normal lifestyle. If you are staying in the same house which is getting renovated, make sure you have well thought of the alternative
      6.    Be open in terms of communications. If you don’t like something your contractor has done, make sure you inform your contractor and put your foot down. Make sure your contractor understands what you want through effective communication
      7.    Plan your budget very well. Chances are, that the budget you calculated could exceed. Make sure you have a back up ready.

Can Your Home Get Old With You?

As much as we hate this reality of life, but the truth persists, that we all are getting old. With that fact, our needs also evolve. We might not need as much space; we might not want a staircase no more. We might need things to be more accessible since there might be issues related to mobility and they must be adaptable. These things might sound unimportant right now, but give it another thought, what about tomorrow? So, it’s imperative for us to build a house keeping the future in mind.  So what are the things that you would look for? Given below are 6 things to remember;Can Your Home Get Old With You?

  • Interior & Exterior: The flooring, especially in the bathroom, the ceiling must be looked at. It should be ensured that the switches and important things must be in close accessibility. The cooling and the heating systems must be well looked after. Check the railings of the stairs. Also, the entrance of the house. Ensure that mobility isn’t a problem. Make sure that the surfaces are smooth and not slippery, or there aren’t any uneven pavements.
  • Small & Large Issues: small issues can be addressed with regular vigilance. Things to keep an eye on are the furniture, height of things, rugs, mats, etc. there should be no prickly stuff like nails, etc.  Which can cause injury? The larger issues also must be address and taken care of well. For that, a good contractor is required. For example, when we get old, we might not have the physical ability to undergo a home renovation.
  • Stairways: The height of the stairs must be judged. Also, are there rests amidst the stairs in case the staircase is long? Also, it must be ensured that it has a railing which can provide a support. It must be well lit.
  • Doorways: the Doorways must be broad, since you never know if you would need a wheelchair. Also, one must ensure there are least obstructions while going out or coming in.
  • Flooring: is the floor worn, uneven or slippery? If that be the case, you must get that changed as soon as possible as most accidents happen due to slippery floors. Also, with age our balance might decay, or we might have to take a stick to walk. So it’s important for the floor to be adaptable.
  • Bathroom: Bathrooms have been heralded as the most dangerous room in the house. Add a little water to that tile floor and you have a surface so slippery you could skate on it (well almost). Make sure you have the grab bars fixed at the right places.

Secrets of Finding the Right Designer/Contractor

What all things should you keep in mind when you are trying to find out a designer or a contractor to build or renovate your dream house? Remember, you don’t build or renovate your house every day or every year. So, it is imperative to make the right choice. Given below are the points that you must ponder upon, while you choose;

  • Get references from people in your circle who has got their houses renovated or built. They would be able to share hands-on experience and from that, you might be able to choose if you want to select a particular contractor
  • Do your own fact-finding. Get to different websites of contractors, and check things like their tenure in the business, their specialization, whether they use subcontractors or the operations are handled by their own workforce, testimonials, etc.
  • Ensure you have a direct and open communication with the contractor. Ask them questions on their statement of work, ask them is they would assign a fixed workforce or they would rotate. Enquire about their payment terms. Talk to them about the execution, the material that will be used, the completion date, etc.
  • Make sure you call and seek feedback about the contractor. Make sure you check their licenses, BBB ranking. When you call the references, do ask questions about the quality of work as well
  • Ask the contractors about the materials that are being used. Make sure they are sourced from legitimate suppliers. Bad quality materials would directly impact the longevity of the construction
  • One of the main things to focus on would be the pricing. Make sure you have studied the market well. As for estimates and compare the same with other contractors. Make sure what is being presented suits your pocket. At the same time, don’t settle for a contractor just because he or she is offering a cheaper price, as later you might have to bleed through your nose
  • Take a fair understanding of the communication process between the contractor and the workforce. It is extremely important for the contractor to communicate to the workforce the exact plan of execution
  • Ask for the contractor’s standard operating procedures of addressing problems and solving them
  • It would a great idea if you could get to a project where work is in progress by the contractor or when the contractor has just concluded. That way, you will get an idea of the contractor’s work
  •   One of the most important things apart from pricing is the quality of work. Your house is a place you will live in. safety and security must be looked at. You must ensure that once you have the entire work done, you don’t have to worry about anything else
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