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Can Your Home Get Old With You?

As much as we hate this reality of life, but the truth persists, that we all are getting old. With that fact, our needs also evolve. We might not need as much space; we might not want a staircase no more. We might need things to be more accessible since there might be issues related to mobility and they must be adaptable. These things might sound unimportant right now, but give it another thought, what about tomorrow? So, it’s imperative for us to build a house keeping the future in mind.  So what are the things that you would look for? Given below are 6 things to remember;Can Your Home Get Old With You?

  • Interior & Exterior: The flooring, especially in the bathroom, the ceiling must be looked at. It should be ensured that the switches and important things must be in close accessibility. The cooling and the heating systems must be well looked after. Check the railings of the stairs. Also, the entrance of the house. Ensure that mobility isn’t a problem. Make sure that the surfaces are smooth and not slippery, or there aren’t any uneven pavements.
  • Small & Large Issues: small issues can be addressed with regular vigilance. Things to keep an eye on are the furniture, height of things, rugs, mats, etc. there should be no prickly stuff like nails, etc.  Which can cause injury? The larger issues also must be address and taken care of well. For that, a good contractor is required. For example, when we get old, we might not have the physical ability to undergo a home renovation.
  • Stairways: The height of the stairs must be judged. Also, are there rests amidst the stairs in case the staircase is long? Also, it must be ensured that it has a railing which can provide a support. It must be well lit.
  • Doorways: the Doorways must be broad, since you never know if you would need a wheelchair. Also, one must ensure there are least obstructions while going out or coming in.
  • Flooring: is the floor worn, uneven or slippery? If that be the case, you must get that changed as soon as possible as most accidents happen due to slippery floors. Also, with age our balance might decay, or we might have to take a stick to walk. So it’s important for the floor to be adaptable.
  • Bathroom: Bathrooms have been heralded as the most dangerous room in the house. Add a little water to that tile floor and you have a surface so slippery you could skate on it (well almost). Make sure you have the grab bars fixed at the right places.
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