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How to Survive a Home Renovation

Planning to get your home renovated? Be it a small renovation, or a renovation of a large scale, be ready to sweat it out. It surely is a great feeling to think and imagine the dream living space you always wanted to be in, but it certainly is a task to get it made.
A renovation of your house would involve different phases. First comes the designing phase. It would be an exciting time, while you are in this phase, where you would just lay down a wish list and plan how to execute that. Then comes the planning phase, where you would decide on the execution of your design, which includes contacting the contractor, choosing the materials that are to be used, etc. In the queue, would be the phase in which you have to keep a constant watch to ensure the quality of execution. Finally, you would reach the stage wherein you will see the results of all the hard work you have put in.
So here is a comprehensive list of things that you must consider when you plan a renovation of your house;

      1.    Choose a trustworthy contractor. Look at their customer feedback, BBB rating, etc. talk to them openly about your plans and judge, how well they understand you
      2.    Next, refer to     people who have recently got renovations done; refer to magazines, websites, etc. Decide what exactly you want to get done, like the design, the color of the wall, the tiles, etc
      3.    Relax! Getting the home renovated isn’t easy, understandable, but keep your calm. Think of the end result and motivate yourself. Make sure that things move as quickly as possible
      4.    Renovations are messy indeed. Give strict instructions or lay fair expectations with your contractor that the premises must be cleaned and dusted everyday
      5.    While the renovation is under process, you will certainly not have a normal lifestyle. If you are staying in the same house which is getting renovated, make sure you have well thought of the alternative
      6.    Be open in terms of communications. If you don’t like something your contractor has done, make sure you inform your contractor and put your foot down. Make sure your contractor understands what you want through effective communication
      7.    Plan your budget very well. Chances are, that the budget you calculated could exceed. Make sure you have a back up ready.
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