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Top 5 reasons to do home renovations in the summer

As a homeowner you may be hesitant to schedule any home renovations for the summer. This may be because you don’t want your house to turn into a construction zone while your little ones are out of school or that you don’t want your vacation time with the family impacted by your home renovations.

If you are hesitant to start renovations during the summer months, you should consider the following points that will make you feel much better about the renovation process and realize why summer time is a perfect time for your home renovations:


    1. You will save money on your home renovations in the summer because many contractors will cut you a deal if they are in need of work. Take advantage of the fact that many home owners are hesitant to do renos during the summer months and get yourself a bargain!


    1. Contractors usually charge for the amount of time they are on a job. If weather related delays such as rain or snow are more likely, your project costs will increase. It is much easier for contractors to work in better weather and your home remodeling and renovations will go on without any delays! Also if your home renovation requires digging and the ground is frozen, you will definitely pay more for your construction project because there is more labour involved in the work. Furthermore, some home renovations are just done better in warmer weather. For example, paving or repaving a driveway in the summer months will result in a higher quality of work


    1. If your considering renovating your kitchen, choose the summer months if possible. If your kitchen is “out of order” you will have to make other arrangements for family meals during the kitchen upgrade. Many home owners end up eating at restaurants during their kitchen renovations and those restaurant bills can add up pretty fast! If your kitchen renovation is taking place in the summer months you can grill your food outside on the BBQ and save a lot of money by cooking your own food at home.


    1. Get some sun! Most major renovations will expose your home to the outdoor elements. While your home renovations are being completed it will be much better for your home (and your personal comfort) if the outside weather isn’t freezing cold! You are much better off to have your home filled with sunshine rather than snowflakes. On this note, it is important to also plan these types of home renovations for months after the spring showers to avoid your home getting drenched in rain water.


  1. Prepare your home for the fall selling season. Although this particular season isn’t as hot on the real estate market as the springtime, this is still a great opportunity for you to sell your home (if that’s in your plans). If you are able to complete all of your renovations during the summer months then you will be able to have your home ready for sale with all of your great upgrades and a higher sticker price value just in time for the fall home selling season.


So we hope that you understand the benefits of home renovating in the summer time and will now be able to recognize the opportunities available by doing home renos in the summer instead of waiting until your window of opportunity passes.

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