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Ottawa Fireplace Renovations

Meadow Creek Renovations is your top choice for a fireplace contractor in the Ottawa area. We have years of experience installing fireplaces and with a selection of types and brands to choose from.

We can help you make the right choice for your home to create the most comfortable and cozy living space that will keep you warm during Ottawa’s harsh winters. We will be able to put together a strategic renovations plan for your Ottawa fireplace installation that will accomplish all of your objectives within your budget.
Don’t get stuck in the cold. Have your gas fireplace cleaned and serviced by Meadow Creek Renovations.
Give us a call at {phone} to discuss your Ottawa fireplace installation project today and be sure to read our tips on home fireplace installations below:

Tips for Proper Fireplace Installations
A fireplace conveys a sense of warmth and comfort to us. It is not only a heating system, but also a decorative part of the house. If you are thinking of putting a fireplace in your home, there are some details you should know about how it works and how to resolve questions about its installation and maintenance. In this article, we are going to tell you tips for proper fireplace installations so you can avoid future problems in setting up the fireplace, make the most out of your options, and eventually, get more out of your fireplace.
Combustive air intake must be connected with the outside or with a more ventilated place, to allow the constant replacement of oxygen in the atmosphere, a perfect combustion of wood and therefore greater heat production for fireplace installations.

To connect the links of the chimney, the inclination should not be exceeding 45 degrees (30 degrees would be optimal tilt) without narrowing the internal corners.

Also the link between the hood and the main channel must have a constant inclination (max. 45 degrees) and should have no corners or narrowing.

The links have to be steel and aluminum. The aluminized steel, for its thermal characteristics, offers easy installation and the best guarantee of corrosion resistance. Avoid curled tubes internally.

To get a perfect shot, you need a chimney unimpeded, as there may be narrowing, deviations or blockages. Deviations eventually are made to occur near the top of the chimney.

We recommend the use of chimneys with refractory straight wall, preferably with a circular section for fireplace installations. The section of the chimney must be suitable to the demands of the fireplace and kept constant throughout its height. The higher the better the shot of flue. Galvanized steel, asbestos cement and the tubes are internally curled materials that should not be used in the construction of the chimney.

Each fireplace must have its own freestanding fireplace to avoid problems in the shot. If there is more than one in the same roof chimney, it should be positioned at least 2 meters from each other and with a minimum of 40 cm in height difference.

To facilitate the dispersion of fumes, it is preferable that the end of the fireplace and wing profiles with section in the area of passage of the fumes outlet is lateral to the section of the chimney.

To prevent smoke returns for fireplace installations, the chimney outlet should not be taken from any obstacle (trees or buildings) within at least 8m. Furthermore, the end of the fireplace must be placed at a height of at least one meter above the roof.

The presence of two fireplaces in the same room or stairwell can be a cause of poor performance of a fireplace. In these cases, you may want to create depression wherein air is timely and closing the openings.

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