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Ottawa Home Addition Contractor

Meadow Creek Renovations is Ottawa’s top choice for a home addition contractor. If you are planning an addition to your home, call us. Our design experts will meet with you to help you plan the perfect addition. No project is too small or too large.

We have decades of experience custom home additions in Ottawa and a new addition on your home can significantly increase your living space, provide additional storage, and increase the value of your property. No matter the size of your project – big or small – we’ve got the team and experience to realize your home addition project from start to completion. We will be able to put together a strategic home addition renovations plan for you that will accomplish all of your objectives within your budget.

Give us a call at613 286-3296 to discuss your Ottawa home addition project today and be sure to read our “best ideas” on home additions below:

Best Ideas for Home Additions

Home additions are great ways to get more out of your house. Instead of purchasing a new residence, you can build a home addition instead. Aside from cutting back expenses, it can be a way of devoting in your home and personalizing it according to your family member’s detailed necessities.  Today, the government is offering loans and grants for home renovations making it a big help in terms of financial when accomplishing your plan for home additions. Home additions can help improve the quality of your life and beautify your home as well as raise its resale net worth. One of the most important factors in creating an addition is communication. You need to contact professionals regarding your plans and they will require you to submit a blueprint of your house. You will also need to communicate with them your design ideas during planning so they are able to arrive at your desired outcome.

Home additions can significantly transform the way a house appears from the street. An addition that is not carefully mapped can appear like it doesn’t fit in the rest of your home according to the way it should be. Setting up an addition carefully with a professional is the greatest way to make sure that the house looks as great than it was prior to your home addition. An architect should be competent enough to construct drafts that will give you an idea on how the finished expansion will look like. To reduce the facade of an addition, homeowners can typically decide to construct onto the backside of the existing house. By this means, it will cover the new structure from the street.

Depending on the dimension of your home addition and the construction agenda, it may take weeks or months before the project is accomplished. Terrible weather conditions can be a reason for unexpected delays, and operating with an undependable worker can lengthen the procedure even more. If a homeowner can’t manage to be patient throughout the planning and construction course, moving into a new and bigger residence may be a better alternative.


Increase Your Home’s Value with a Home Addition in Ottawa

Home additions can be good ventures, helping to raise the net worth of a residence. By means of a home equity line of credit or receiving a new mortgage that comprises money to compensate for the addition can be a sensible financial choice, particularly when interest rates are small. Nevertheless, if the expected price of an addition–which a landowner can approximate by studying the sale prices of houses in the neighborhood with comparable characteristics–is a reduced amount than its cost, it may be a broke or bad venture.

Home additions are expected to increase the net worth of a residence. Once the addition is fulfilled, a new evaluation will elevate property taxes. Prior to adding on, the resident owners should approximate the worth of their residence with the expansion and calculate a new annual tax liability according to current tax rates. Constructing an addition is a perfect occasion to spend in energy-efficient equipment and structure. Windows that avoid hot or cool atmosphere from dodging and low-energy-consuming equipments can reduce the rate of an addition by dropping energy bills and its environmental influence.

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