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Ottawa Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is the center of your home. It’s where you sit down to enjoy a quiet morning coffee, help your kids with homework, and host dinner parties for friends. Renovating this high-traffic area can transform your kitchen and breathe new life into the hub of your home.


At Meadow Creek Renovations we want to bring your dream kitchen to life. Our mission is to give you the perfect kitchen for your home. We focus on creating high-quality, custom cabinets that will take your designs to the next level. We’ll combine a practical layout with perfect storage spaces and beautiful cabinetry to create a custom kitchen that exceeds your expectations.

Meadow Creek Renovations uses woodworking techniques that have been forgotten by a lot of builders. This European craftsmanship features well-designed, hardworking pieces that can stand the test of time. Whatever your style or budget, Meadow Creek Renovations can create a dream kitchen designed just for you.


Meadow Creek Renovations offers professional renovation services, and we build unique cabinets specifically for your kitchen. We’ll take your project from start to finish, and walk you through each stage of the project.

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The first step in any renovation project is to plan and design your new space. To design your kitchen, think about the kind of cabinets, countertops, and flooring you’d like to use. Next, we’ll help you design the layout of your new kitchen and make sure you have a functional space for the whole family. Finally, consider your budget and the materials you want to use.

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After you’ve finalized the design, we can start renovating! This process can include removing cabinets and flooring, taking out appliances, and making sure plumbing and electrical meets safety standards. Your kitchen will transform when we install your custom cabinets and lay flooring. During renovation, our priority is to create a beautiful and functional kitchen for your home.

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The last step in any renovation project is to let your personality shine through. You can transform your kitchen with custom elements like the backsplash, sink, and hardware. Our team at Meadow Creek Renovations will help you transform your kitchen by recommending the right lighting, window treatments, and storage solutions.


Part of what makes Meadow Creek Renovations unique is our dedication to using top-quality materials. The kitchen is a multi-functional space, so it’s important to choose hardworking materials. We have a huge selection of wood, metal, and glass materials. Whether your Ottawa kitchen renovation results in a contemporary kitchen, a classic feel, or a timeless design, we’ll create a custom kitchen that reflects your personality.


When it comes to kitchen cabinets, we have endless choices of styles and materials. Don’t lose sight of your vision, and make sure you choose cabinets that match your design. Our favourite materials include:

Wood: High-quality wood cabinets will give your kitchen a lot of character, and a timeless feel. This durable material is very customizable.
Metal: Metal cabinets can give your kitchen a contemporary feel. This is an extremely durable material, and it’s easy to clean.

Kitchen doors and drawers are usually the same material as the cabinets. This gives consistency to your kitchen design.

Wood: Quality wood doors can stand the test of time, and they’ll give a warm feeling to your kitchen.
Metal: Doors and drawers will be opened and closed countless times, and metal doors are nearly indestructible.
Glass: A glass-fronted cabinet is a great way to showcase some of your kitchenware. You can even lighten the kitchen with a few accent cabinets with glass doors.

We have a huge selection of countertops to choose from. Some of the most popular countertops include:

Wood: These natural countertops can give your kitchen a warm glow, and don’t require a lot of maintenance.
Granite: This elegant countertop adds a modern feel to your kitchen design, and it’s a very durable material.
Marble: Each marble countertop is unique, and this material will give your kitchen an air of luxury.
Metal: For a modern feel, metal countertops give a professional look, and they’re easy to clean and maintain.


At Meadow Creek Renovations, we follow a tried and true process for all our Ottawa kitchen renovations. We take your kitchen from planning and design through to completion, and we’ll deliver a quality kitchen that meets your needs and surpasses your expectations.

One of the most important parts of any renovation project is to develop a realistic plan. Our craftspeople at Meadow Creek Renovations will help you plan your Ottawa kitchen renovation. We’ll discuss your needs and budget, and develop a plan that considers timeline, materials, and layout.
With all the design options out there, it can be hard to choose the right design for your home. A great design starts with understanding your personal style. Whether you want a classic or contemporary kitchen, we’ll walk you through the latest trends to plan your perfect kitchen. When you design a custom kitchen with Meadow Creek Renovations, we can focus on creating a unique kitchen that has all the design elements you love.
Meadow Creek Renovations has completed hundreds of kitchen renovations, so we know exactly how long the project will take. Once we schedule all the work that needs to go into your kitchen, we guarantee you’ll have a new kitchen delivered on time.
When we’re working in your house, our craftspeople are respectful of your home and your space. We pay attention to all the little details to make your kitchen perfect, and we’ll complete your kitchen renovation on time and on budget. The kitchen renovation is complete when you can share your first meal in your brand-new kitchen.


How much does it cost to renovate an Ottawa Kitchen?

The cost of your Ottawa kitchen renovation project will depend on your priorities and tastes. Before starting a kitchen renovation, it’s important to establish a comprehensive budget. Consider what needs remodeling, what style of kitchen you want, and what materials you’d like to see in your kitchen. If you don’t have a clear plan, your project can easily go over budget.

What percent of your home value should you spend on a kitchen renovation?

When you’re renovating your kitchen, a good rule of thumb is to budget 5% to 15% of your overall home value for the remodel. This helps you set reasonable goals and expectations for the renovation.

What is the most expensive part of a kitchen renovation?

Kitchen cabinets are the most expensive part of your kitchen renovation. Cabinets are made with high quality, durable materials, and building and installing cabinets is labor-intensive.

Other high-ticket items include new appliances and kitchen countertops.

Why are kitchen renovations Ottawa so expensive?

Were you quoted a high price for your kitchen renovation? There are lots of elements to consider when remodeling the kitchen, and you’ll need to budget for:

  • The new kitchen design
  • Taking out old cabinets, counters, or appliances
  • Reworking plumbing and electrical to get your kitchen up to code
  • Replacing flooring
  • Installing cabinets
  • Redecorating the kitchen

All these elements of a renovation can add up. Before you start your kitchen renovation, make sure you’ve budgeted for all the expenses.

Is renovating a kitchen worth it?

Renovating a kitchen has a lot of benefits. A kitchen renovation can transform your home, give you a beautiful space to spend time with family and friends, and even help you live a healthier life. A renovation can also add value to your home.

If you’re remodeling your home for resale, make sure you set a budget you’ll recoup when selling the home. If you spend more on the renovation than the resale value, then renovating your kitchen isn’t worth it.

What renovations add value to a home?

A kitchen remodel is a great way to add value to your home. Other renovations to increase your home value include:

  • A bathroom renovation
  • Finishing the basement
  • Replacing old windows
  • Updating the back deck or redoing the fence
How often should I redo the kitchen?

Your kitchen is the most-used room in the house. You’re in your kitchen 2 or 3 times a day, every day of the year. On average, kitchens need to be renovated every 10 to 15 years. You can redo you kitchen to repair damaged cabinets, make it more functional for your family, or even just update the style of your kitchen.

These are some signs that it’s time to redo your kitchen:

  • The cabinets or countertops are damaged
  • The flooring is cracked, scuffed, or damaged
  • The kitchen feels dingy, with stains and discoloration on the counters or cabinets
  • You need new appliances
  • Your kitchen feels outdated
  • The kitchen isn’t functional for your family, and the layout is impractical
Do I need a permit?

Depending on your renovation project, you might need a permit to redo the kitchen. During the planning stage, Castillo Custom will let know if your project needs a permit, and we’ll help you get the right permit for your project.

What comes first: Flooring or Cabinets?

In most kitchen renovations, the cabinets get installed before the flooring. The cabinets are installed on the subfloor, and you’ll save on the cost of your finish flooring. Once the cabinets are in, the flooring will be cut to size, and fit against the cabinets. Finally, a baseboard or shoe molding covers the tiny gap between the flooring and the cabinet.

What is the kitchen work triangle?

As you design your new kitchen with Meadow Creek Renovations, think about the kitchen “work triangle”. We recommend placing the main prep area, the sink, and the fridge in a triangle rather than a straight line. This provides a good workflow and creates space for several people in the kitchen.

Other Ottawa Kitchen Renovation Questions

Depending on your renovation project, you might need a permit to redo the kitchen. During the planning stage, Castillo Custom will let know if your project needs a permit, and we’ll help you get the right permit for your project.

Get Inspired!

Here are some websites that might provide some inspiration for your kitchen renovation:

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An Ottawa kitchen renovation is a big investment, so you want to do it right the first time. There are a few common mistakes homeowners can make, but our team at Meadow Creek Renovations will help you avoid these renovation mistakes.

Failing to think about workflow: During the design process, you need to think about functionality as well as appearance. The best kitchen layouts use the work triangle to create the most practical workflow.

Choosing appliances last: Your appliances are a central part of your design. It’s important to know the size of your new appliances before designing your cabinets or the layout of your kitchen. Choosing appliances last can lead to an expensive mistake if your appliances don’t fit in your new kitchen.

Being indecisive: Homeowners can have a hard time finalizing a plan. If you still have doubts about the design, don’t approve the project. Being indecisive at the beginning of the job can cost you time and money during the renovation.

Overdesigning: Do you have a lot of ideas? Overdesigning is a common mistake that can make your kitchen renovation a disaster. When you try to include too many ideas, your kitchen isn’t a functional or comfortable space, and you may not be happy with your remodel.

Picking the wrong size: When it comes to finishing touches like lighting or seating, make sure you pick the right size. Light fixtures that are too big or too small can be an eyesore, and your seating needs to be the right height for your kitchen island.

Skimping on storage: A functional kitchen needs lots of storage. Don’t underestimate the amount of cupboard space you’ll need, and get creative with lazy Susan’s and drawer dividers to make the most of your storage space.

Forgetting about the details: You put a lot of thought into your cabinets, countertops, and flooring, but don’t forget about the details. You’ll need to make design decisions about the lighting, the backsplash, the faucets, the hardware, and the paint color to complete your kitchen remodel.


Meadow Creek Renovations is committed to taking your kitchen renovation project all the way. From the initial design consultation to delivering the finished product, our team will be with your from start to finish.


Get in touch and tell us about your custom Ottawa kitchen renovation project! Remodeling your kitchen is an exciting project that can transform your home, and we’ll help you get there. Contact us to request a custom consultation with Magnus or one of our talented craftspeople, and find out how we can make your kitchen dreams come true.

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